cool1 W3 [ku:l] adj comparative cooler superlative coolest
6¦(not friendly)¦
8 a cool million/hundred thousand etc
[: Old English; Origin: col]
low in temperature, but not cold, often in a way that feels pleasant
She swam out into the cool water.
The evening air was cool.
Relax in the sun with a cool drink.
the cooler weather of September
2.) ¦(CLOTHING)¦
clothing that is cool is made of thin material so that you do not become too hot
a cool cotton dress
3.) ¦(CALM)¦
calm and not nervous, upset, or excited
keep/stay cool
his ability to keep cool in a crisis
She looks efficient and as cool as a cucumber .
Outwardly she is cool, calm and collected .
a cool customer (=someone who always behaves calmly)
Keep a cool head (=stay calm) .
4.) ¦(APPROVAL)¦ informal
very attractive, fashionable, interesting etc in a way that people admire - used in order to show approval
She's pretty cool.
You look cool in denim.
Cool bike!
'I'm thinking of studying abroad.' 'Really? Cool.'
spoken used to say that you agree with something, that you understand it, or that it does not annoy you
OK, Ryan, that's cool , I can handle that.
'I just have to go, you know.' 'It's all right, it's cool .'
'I'm finished.' 'Cool.'
cool about
My mum was cool about whatever I wore.
sth is cool with sb
Would Friday be cool with you guys?
sb is cool with sth
'Do you want to come over to my house and watch a video tonight?' 'I'm cool with that.'
behaving in a way that is not as friendly as you expect
My proposal met with a cool response .
Luke gave her a cool look .
7.) ¦(COLOUR)¦
a cool colour is one, such as blue or green, that makes you think of cool things
8.) a cool million/hundred thousand etc informal
a surprisingly large amount of money
He earns a cool half million every year.
>coolness n [U]
the coolness of the nights
>coolly adv
She nodded coolly and walked out.
cool 2
cool2 S3 v
1.) [I and T] also cool down
to make something slightly colder, or to become slightly colder
The air conditioning doesn't seem to be cooling the room much.
Allow the biscuits to cool for five minutes.
a cooling breeze
if a feeling, emotion, or relationship cools, it becomes less strong
The affair had cooled, on her side at least.
When tempers had cooled, he apologized.
3.) cool it[i]spoken
a) used to tell someone to stop being angry, violent etc
Come on now - calm down, cool it.
b) to stop putting as much effort into something, or pressure on someone, as you have been
He was getting more serious about her. It was time to cool it.
4.) cool your heels
to be forced to wait
I'll put him in a cell to cool his heels for a bit.
cool down phr v
1.) to make something slightly colder, or to become slightly colder
The air has cooled down a little now.
cool sb/sth<=>down
A glass of lemonade will cool you down.
2.) to become calm after being angry
After I cooled down I realized I had been wrong.
cool off phr v
1.) to return to a normal temperature after being hot
Cool off with an iced drink.
By late autumn Mediterranean islands have cooled off, and can have rainy days.
2.) to become calm after being angry
He slammed the door and went for a walk to cool off.
cool 3
cool3 n
1.) the cool
a temperature that is pleasantly cold
the cool of
They went for a stroll in the cool of the evening .
2.) keep your cool
to remain calm in a frightening or difficult situation
I must keep my cool, she thought; losing my temper isn't going to help.
3.) lose your cool
to stop being calm in an annoying or frightening situation
Kenneth finally lost his cool with a photographer, and threatened to hit him.
cool 4
cool4 adv
play it cool
to behave in a calm way because you do not want someone to know that you are really nervous, angry etc
She would not show him how upset she was. It was always smarter to play it cool.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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